Monday, February 2, 2009

Agony In the Garden

This painting is one I did in a fast amount of time and have never been able to duplicate it again. The creative energy I had while painting this was incredible and was given to me as a great gift.
This painting is on board and painted in oils.
It is 24/30. Prints will be available with-in the next few weeks.
I am keeping the original. I love it and cannot part with it.
Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. I was tired from the week before -setting up for a large garage sale on Sat. and working everyday and late into the nights on art. I decided I needed a nap (which I seldom take) before entertaining guest for the big game.
I laid down and closed my eyes for only a few minutes when all of the sudden images started appearing , coming to me fast, in color and very specific. After several images it stopped. I was not asleep so it was not a dream and I promise I am not going crazy (maybe be a little off but not crazy) Ha! I can only attribute it to a spiritual connection of creativity being shown to me for a reason. I went into my studio after napping 30 Min's or so and told my husband I had to get a few images and designs down that were shown to me while I rested. I have to tell you these images and the designs are fantastic. I can't wait to finish them and I will show you all after I am done.
All I can tell you is that if you are an artist and it is your passion- keep doing it everyday. Your art will become what it needs to become and your spirit will soar. I know this has only happened to me because I have been 24/7 in this creative mode and worked everyday and hours on end at my art. That is when things come to you creatively and spiritually.Another Blessing.
I am going to try and post every few days and hopefully I will be finished so I can share some of the new work with you.
Have a wonderful day !

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