Monday, March 23, 2009

New work

Well, spring is here. Along with all the pollen.
Lloyd and I worked in the garden most of the day.
I am still working on a few paintings , I really need to finish these before creating another.
I am looking out the window from my desk and looking at the beautiful pink buds on my peach tree. We purchased a blackberry -vine yesterday . Lacey my daughter wanted to have fresh berries this summer- she loves blackberries.
Its cloudy today and windy. I think I will stay in and work on getting paintings finished and starting another painting from a sketch I did over the weekend of my cousin Geoff, Mr. Comedian now. I can't wait to do this for him.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy all of Gods blessings. Take time with family- its so important.
Until next time- see ya!

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